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Prom's Journey: Firsts

13 Sep 2017 | 207 View

Prom's Journey: Firsts

Chapter 3: Firsts

Prom Putthisri

It took me just one week to get over my feeling of homesickness and missing my family. One big factor was that I needed to go to school. For someone who had never moved anywhere since first grade, this was a huge step for me.

April 15 was the day. I woke up and prepared for my first school day, but something was not right. Aunt Kathleen told me that I needed to carpool with another student to school. To tell the truth, I was frightened. Nonetheless, I thought to myself that I had to be strong and I walked down to his car. And there he was, a really talkative guy with his younger brother. His name was Nick, Nicholas Given, and his brother was Alex, Alexander Given.

For strangers, they were really nice and friendly. Thanks to them, I was relaxed in a second. After a twenty minutes ride, at last, we arrived at the school. The name of the school was Aquinas, which was new to me. Nick dropped me off and went off to drop Alex at another school. I did not know what to do then except to walk and go inside the school.

It was quite early so I did not see anybody there. I followed Nick's instruction and went to the registration room. That was the first time I saw Preston. Preston was assigned to be my "shadow." Shadowing is when you follow people around the school and class to get used to the school. So the teacher nicely introduced me to Preston since I was not that good in English. He then shook my hand and led me to the classroom.

When we walked in, the class went silent. Everybody was looking at me. What should I do? I introduced myself to everyone. “!” At that moment everyone seemed excited and said “Hi” to me. It was that moment that I felt like I have thrown away mountains from my chest. They asked me a bunch of questions. Unluckily, I did not understand them very well, so I gave some irrelevant answers. But that was since I think they did not expect me to say anything in the first place, so that's a plus for me. I shadowed Preston and followed the same procedure in every class. And as usual, people followed me and tried to talk to me. For a first day, I considered this as a success. When I went back home, I was so happy and was ready for tomorrow.

The next day, I woke up and went to school like normal. However, one thing shocked me. I did not get any attention like the first day. No one looked at me. They just walked past me and pretended like I was nobody. I did not know what to say. I was quite sad . The only conversation I had that day is when Preston asked me how was I. It was harsh.

That day after I went back home, I cried since I thought that no one was going to talk to me anymore. Uncle John who saw me crying, instantly came to me and asked what had happened. I told him everything. His response was shockingly helpful. He said “Lets go play golf”. I was surprised with that answer and curious about golf since I had never played it before. So, I stopped crying and dressed for golf.

That evening, Uncle John taught me how to golf. Because it was my first time, just like everybody else, I only got the ground when I try to hit the ball. Nevertheless, it made me forget the bad memories and allowed me to sleep through until the next day, which was my first weekend as an Aquinas student.



: the interest or thought that you give to something you are doing, listening to or watching - ความสนใจ, ความตั้งใจ


: a large amount of something; a large number of things or people - จำนวนมาก


: the upper front part of the body of humans and some animals, between the stomach and the neck, containing the heart and lungs - หน้าอก


: to regard as; to think of as - ถือว่า

curious (adj)

: having a strong desire to know about something - อยากรู้อยากเห็น

factor (adj)

: a fact or situation which influences the result of something - ปัจจัย

instantly (adj)

: immediately - ทันที

irrelevant (adj)

: not important to what you are discussing or doing - ที่ไม่เกี่ยวข้องกัน ไม่สัมพันธ์กัน

normal (adj.)

: typical, usual or ordinary; what you would expect - ปกติ, ภาวะปกติ

pretend (adj.)

: to behave as if something is true when you know that it is not, especially in order to deceive people or as a game - แกล้งทำว่าเป็นจริง

registration (adj.)

: the process of recording names or information on an official list - การขึ้นทะเบียน, การลงทะเบียน

relaxed (adj.)

: calm and not worried - อย่างผ่อนคลาย, ซึ่งรู้สึกสบาย

shadow (adj.)

: the dark shape that somebody/something's form makes on a surface, for example on the ground, when they are between the light and the surface - เงา, ร่มเงา

shock (adj.)

: to surprise, or frighten someone - ทำให้ตกใจ, ทำให้สั่นสะเทือน

silent (adj.)

: very quiet; without sound - เงียบ

talkative (adj.)

: liking to talk a lot - ช่างพูด, ช่างคุย

harsh (adjective)

: cruel, severe and unkind - กระด้าง, รุนแรง, ห้าว, เกรี้ยวกราด

success (noun)

: achieving the goals you wanted to achieve or made a lot of money - มีผลสำเร็จ, ประสบผลสำเร็จ, ประสบชัยชนะ

homesickness (noun)

: sadness because you are away from home and you miss your family and friends - ความคิดถึงบ้าน

procedures (noun)

: ways of doing something - ขั้นตอนการดำเนินการ

strangers (noun)

: people that you do not know - คนแปลกหน้า

carpool (verb)

: to have an arrangement where a group of people travels to work/school together and divides the cost between them - ใช้รถยนต์ที่ใช้ร่วมกันหลายคน